Reinforcement Training

Targeted training components designed to keep compliance concepts and best practices front-of-mind.

Compliance QuickTakes

QuickTakes are reinforcement mini modules that present key compliance concepts and best practices originally introduced in foundational training. Like the Compliance Foundations modules, QuickTakes are easily customized with your policies and contact information.

Custom Microlearning

Compliance microlearning modules present key concepts and best practices in the form of direct, scenario-based training. The modules typically run no longer than seven minutes’ seat time, are an ideal learning tool for reinforcing key concepts pulled from foundational training modules. Choose from our off-the-shelf list of topics or we can develop microlearning modules using your content!


PharmaCertify creates animated and live-action videos to help introduce concepts prior to the launch of a workshop or module, or as reinforcement once the core event is completed. When integrated into the overall design of a compliance curriculum, the short and high-impact videos build anticipation for the overall program and help develop a sense of familiarity among the learners.