Learning Reinforcement

Targeted training components designed to keep compliance concepts and best practices front-of-mind.

Compliance QuickTakes

QuickTakes are reinforcement mini modules that present key concepts and best practices in the form of direct, scenario-based learning.

Compliance Reality Challenge (CRC)

The newest compliance workshop from PharmaCertify, Compliance Reality Challenge, is delivered through two dynamic components: Compliance Sprint, a high-energy, card-sort activity; and Compliance Mystery, a scenario-based game, which features participants playing “detective” and using clues to solve mysteries about your company’s policies and best practices.

Compliance Connect App

Available in iPad or web app format, Compliance Connect is a searchable tool for policies, reference materials, eBooks, read-and-signs, and training material.

Policy Explorer

Policy Explorer is a mobile app that offers access to your company compliance policies and Code of Conduct at the touch of a finger.